Thursday, December 07, 2006

Laugh Tracks

Complete strangers are always accosting me at the bus-stop and demanding to know when the 8DAYS column will be turned into a sit-com. "Should be very funny, what!" exclaimed one stalker. "We want to see Saffy's breasts!" another one told me recently.

"From your lips to God's ears!" I always mutter to them as I shield my eyes from the bright flashing pops of the paparazzi lurking in the bushes.

Ahh, the price of fame.


The truth is, discussions about turning the Saffy and Amanda saga into sit-com have been going round and round since time began. Amanda wants to have nothing to do with the project, but Saffy is insistent that only she can play herself. Meanwhile, draft scripts have been written, rewritten, rejected, tinkered with. Potential actors have been mooted.

And on it goes. It's painfully dull. I just want to skip the whole process and fast forward to the Emmys red carpet.

For a sneak peak at the draft script, watch out for the upcoming issues of 8DAYS. Just stop bothering me on the bus!

1 comment:

Rich4747 said...

I'm not sure whether a sitcom would bring out the full glory of Saffy and Amanda! Too many sitcoms have been spoiled by the Singaporean context of proper behaviour and insistence of family values, which does no justice to humour in the end.
Also, I think a mental image of both of them is enough, I don't want to see Saffy as, what, Fiona Xie?
Still, if a sitcom does happen, those tv people better bring out the great impact of your humour, or I will sue! ;)