Friday, September 08, 2006

Six in the City

Hello pets,

Here's a snippet of an email from my publishers...

Hi Jason!

Congrats! You'll be thrilled to know that "Table for Three" is at No. 6 of Singapore's Best-seller Fiction list (as of last Sun, 3 Sep 2006, The Sunday Times)!!

Tell your family, friends and strangers!

Thank you all for your support. Meanwhile, I'm in and out of Singapore for the next two weeks, so my apologies if the reading material is a bit thin on the ground. To tide you over, pick up the latest issue of 8DAYS.

Be good now.



Anonymous said...

Dear Herr Hahn,
I so need your advice - By the way, me and my girlfriend colleagues are LOVING your new book. Its like a page out of my life! Now, advice please.
We adore your character Barney Cheng - clever, stylish, buff [what more could a Girl want?] and this girl has one....he's my husband. We've been married for a few years and he clearly displays all of Barney's sexy attributes! He even thinks he's fat all the time, which he so is not! He has better dress sense than me most of the time, and he looks so hot in the most basic of things, white shirt, dark jeans, navy blazer AND a matching bag!!!.....My girlfriends say alot of married men in this town suffer the same mystic aura.....Can I admit to you that he isn't that good in our bed though?......Should I be worried about something!???...... [Other than his credit line at Gucci and the bruising on his back after his gym nights?].......Yours Truly, Worried Wanda.

Jason Hahn said...

Barney, is that you? It sure SOUNDS like you...

Anonymous said...

Oh no Jason, it's Wanda here.....Still awaiting your learned advice - Funny, just as I posted my note to you last night, my husband returned home with a new pair of swim trunks he had just bought, this time from Dolce Gabbana [I say 'this time' because he has a huge collection of them. My mother says I should be worried about this kind of expenditure. Should I? These D+G ones are smaller in size than my anorexic friend Gina's G-string, but its fine, cos he'll look hot in them. I digress. Actually , I don't. Why is he looking better than me these days? All of my friends at Rock-church are saying so too. Strange.