Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Shameless Plug for My Next Book!

How about that - book two is out end of August. Please mark your diaries!

I'm attaching the press release from the publishers. There's actually a picture that comes with it, but I've not figured out how to do attach pictures just yet. They tell me though that the Marshall Cavendish website has a pix.

Table For Three: More Tales of Saffy and Amanda
by Jason Hahn

Praise for the first book, Asking For Trouble: Tales of Saffy and Amanda

“Hahn has an amazing eye for funny details…The next logical step would be a TV sitcom based on the book.” – The Star (Malaysia)

“Hysterical.” – Lime magazine

“Artful close-up observations about the feminine condition.” – SilverKris magazine

“A fast, funny read.” – Female magazine

About the Book

What makes a happy home?

According to Jason, it’s definitely one that doesn’t include his terrible flatmates, Saffy and Amanda. Between Saffy’s insistence on “airing” herself at the window of their tiny apartment and Amanda’s unique perspective on sun-tanning, life is just a little too stressful. Especially when even his beloved adopted mongrel dog, Pooch, is up for a little discipline.

Each day brings its own unique drama. From questionable tattoo parlours, lecherous old men and the unexplained appearance of a red g-string behind the couch to an unfortunate close encounter with a French woman’s underarms plus the ongoing hazards of MBA (Married But Available) men – the drama just keeps building. And building.

Will it ever stop? Could this life get any worse?

Like you wouldn’t believe….

About the Author
Jason Hahn quit his day job as miserable pond scum (ie, a lawyer) when he realised that life really was too short to be spent helping other people become rich at the expense of his sleep and sanity. As a writer, he misses the money but is hopeful that a bountiful inheritance will save the day. He also hopes to one day be Oprah’s best friend.

Chapter Headings
1. “Who cares why women do what they do?”
2. “All he does is yell and torture us!”
3. “But surely that’s not where the G-spot is!”
4. “But did you have to scream like that?”
5. “You should be on Oprah!”
6. “Isn’t your mother, like, uhm, dead?”
7. “It’s a war out there! It’s every woman for herself!”
8. “You’re amazing in bed!”
9. “Oh what’s the big deal! I’ll be wearing gloves!”
10. “You know what really offends me the most?”
11. “Oh dear, she’s in the Turkey Position!”
12. “How do these things happen to you?”
13. “We guys aren’t complicated that way.”
14. “Oprah is a goddess!”
15. “From now on, it’s all about the Paris Rule!”
16. “My God! Why are you so freakishly strong?”
17. “It’s like Cambodia!”
18. “He’s the only guy I’ve ever had deafening sex with!”
19. “If you’re a thirty-year-old single gal, you might as well be dead!”
20. “Is that any way to talk to your future wife?”

Target Audience
• General and humour readers
• Fans of his first book, Asking For Trouble, and his popular First Person column in
8Days magazine.

Key Selling Points
• Humourous/ tongue-in-cheek
• This book is a sequel to his first book, the best-selling Asking for Trouble
• Prominent columnist/ author who is well known in Singapore and Malaysia

Related Title by Same Author
• Asking for Trouble: Tales of Saffy & Amanda by Jason Hahn

Pub date : End-Aug 2006

Retail price
S$16.00 (excl. GST)

For further information, please contact:
Singapore Office
Tel: (65) 6213 9197
Tel: (65) 6213 9314

Malaysia Office
Tel: (603) 5628 6828


Little Mok said...

The first time I read your book, in an MRT train, all the aunties thought I'd gone 'siow', I was laughing that hard. Muchos, muchos kudos for portraying us in all our glorious idiosyncrasies. Can't wait to read the latest book about Saffy and Amanda. (Are they single, by the way?) :P

Dollgun said...

i really want to buy both of your books, but i can't find them in any store/online store! Do you have any idea where i could get my hands on them? Thanks!

Jason Hahn said...

Dollgun, I wish i could help you, but i think the book are out of print. the only solution is to try Amazon for back copies, OR, contact Marshall Cavendish, the Singaporean publishers directly. They might have some lying around. fingers crossed!!